2015 Exhibitions

John Isiah Walton

John Isiah Walton

December 12, 2015- January 3, 2016

Means, Motive, Opportunity

Justin Baker, Angela Berry, Carlos Jiménez Cahua, Lee Deigaard, Sam Feather-Garner, Edna Lanieri, Jennifer McClure, Cristina Molina, Alex Podesta, Akasha Rabut, Claire Rau, Erik Schubert, Matt Shain, Mitchell Soileau, Jonathan Traviesa, John Isiah Walton, and Ryn Wilson.

Poppy Coles & Utah Snyder

Poppy Coles & Utah Snyder

November 14- December 6, 2015

Sliding SouthCurated by Jonathan Traviesa
Featuring the work of Akasha Rabut, Sam Feather-Garner, Tammy Mercure

Ryn Wilson, Lost Archives

Poppy Coles & Utah Snyder, Plats

Brian James Priest, Star Dates

Stacey M. Holloway

Stacey M. Holloway

October 10- November 8th, 2015

Stacey M. Holloway, Rough Draft

George Ferrandi,  Star!Star!Star!Circle!

Lee Deigaard, Equuleus

Alex Podesta, Distractions and Follies: New Finished Works in Progress

Kelly A. Mueller

Kelly A. Mueller

September - October 4, 2015

India Jacobs, Future Mythologies: Revisiting the American Dream

Jeffrey Thurston, This Shifting Vessel

Kyle Bravo, Making Jamie

Kelly A. Mueller, Brand New Atlas 

Garima Thakur

Garima Thakur

August 8- September 6, 2015


Garima Thakur, Guilty about not being guilty

John Isiah Walton, Beaucoup Humidity


July 11- August 2, 2015

Feral | Course
Christian Castañeda, Benjamin Sagols, Jorge Rosano Gamboa, Roberto Flores, Mariana Magdaleno

Megan Hildebrandt

Megan Hildebrandt

June 13- July 5, 2015

EyeSplice Collective, Prepare NOW

John Powers, Revenant

Eva Abrams, Along St. Claude

Jennifer Odem

Jennifer Odem

May 9- June 7, 2015

Special Opening Night Performances by Emily Promise Allison of Baucis and Philomen from 6-8pm
Video Installation by Jane Cassidy + Jonathan Traviesa, EXIT TO THE SHALLOWS from 8-10pm from the Wetlands Art Tour

Morgana King and Xenia Sophia Roma, Come What May

Claire Kohne, Untitled (Desire Tiles)

Flatland featuring Zachary Herrmann, Clive Moloney, Jennifer Odem, Marc-Anthony Polizzi, Nicholas Sullivan, Jessie Vogel

Jamie Solock

Jamie Solock

March 14- April 5, 2015

Ryn Wilson and Peter Hoffman, Discipline

Jamie Solock, Hex, Pent, Triad

Megan Roniger, New Works

Group Exhibition Featuring: John Isiah Walton, Carl Joe Williams, Cynthia Scott

Corey Drieth

Corey Drieth

February 14th- March 8, 2015

Mike Garman, Remnants 

Tada Kono and Jonathan Taube, Soft Skin, The Produce of Migration

Corey Drieth, My Secret Love

Mass Gallery

Mass Gallery

January 10- February 8, 2015

Collective Exchange with Mass Gallery, Austin TX
Featuring: Jules Buck Jones, Xochi Solis, Erin Gentry, Drew Liverman, Richard P. Mansfield, Christa Palazzolo, George Pasterk, Scott Proctor, Andy Rihn

FILMS for ONE to EIGHT PROJECTORS: multi-projector experiments by roger beebe