2014 Exhibitions

Jessica Vogel

Jessica Vogel

December 13, 2014- January 4, 2015

Jessica Vogel, Love Object Love

Jill Stoll, Fictitious Cartographies

Cristina Molina, Anna Freud and Her Father

Dan Alley, The Time I Dug a Hole to China... and Missed

Jonathan Traviesa

Jonathan Traviesa

November 8- December 7, 2014

Lee Deigaard, Crusher Run

Jonathan Traviesa, Medium Surface

Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Naomi Shersty, and Ryn Wilson
Oppositions and Parallels

Edna (Eddie) Lanieri, Votive Offerings and Relics

Eddie Lanieri

Eddie Lanieri

October 11- November 2, 2014


Member show featuring:
Angela Berry, Brooke Pickett, Claire Rau, Cristina Molina, Eddie Lanieri, H. Cole Wiley, Imen Djounini, Jamie Solock, Jessie Vogel, John Isiah Walton, Jonathan Traviesa, Kyle Bravo, Lee Deigaard, Megan Roniger, Ryn Wilson, Stephanie Patton

Imen Djouni

Imen Djouni

September 13- October 5, 2014

Brian James Priest & H. Cole Wiley, data drops

Imen Djouini, To Bear One's Threads

A group show featuring Bonnie Brenda Scott, Nicola Vruwink, Ken Shaw, Jamie Solock, Ben Skinner and Raquel Meyers.

Cinema Babylon

Leah DeVun

Leah DeVun

August 9- September 7, 2014

Leah DeVun, Lead and Follow

Elaine Bradford, Mask

Jonathan Leach, Line for Line

Emily Link, Scryers Club

Meow Wolf,  Nimbus

Meow Wolf, Nimbus

July 12- August 3, 2014

Meow Wolf, Moving Still

Jessye McDowell

Jessye McDowell

June 14- July 6, 2014

Claire Rau, Heirloom

Kenneth Pietrobono/Ross Hulkes, The Natural

Jessye McDowell, Make it Real

Ryn Wilson

Ryn Wilson

May 10- June 8, 2014

Bahama Kangaroo Presents: Yukako Ezoe and Naoki Onodera

The Front at Tokyo Art Lab

Hunter Thompson, Lindsay Preston Zappas, Jamie Solock, THIRDS




John Isiah Walton

John Isiah Walton

April 12- May 4, 2014

Tasheka Arceneaux-Sutton, Leah Floyd, Katerie Gladdys + Deshae E. Lott, Maria Lino, Venessa Monokian and Garima Thicker
Text to Textile, Curated by Cristina Molina

50Iv, John Isiah Walton, Ashley Tague, Jason Childers, Ron Bennett, Grown Ass Kid

James Goedert presents Toby Franklin: There are only so many days in a planet.

Angela Berry, Outside The Latmian Cave

Kyle Bravo

Kyle Bravo

March 8- April 6, 2014

Kyle Bravo, As It Was in the Beginning Is Now And Ever Shall Be

John Isiah, Carl Joe Williams, Ayo Scott, Keith Duncan, Bruce Davenport Jr, 50IV in 28 Days Later

Jamie Alonzo, Handle with Care

Plugged Art Collective, Her Shorts

Brian St.Cyr

Brian St.Cyr

February 8 - March 2, 2014

R You Afraid Of The Dark featuring John Isiah, Jaroid Henry, 50IV

Jessie Vogel, po ten tial

H. Cole Wiley, looking back - moving forward

Brian St. Cyr


January 11- February 2, 2014

Group exhibition featuring new members, those saying fare-thee-well, and old hands.