June 9- July 8, 2018

June 9- July 8, 2018

Opening reception Saturday June 9th, 6-10pm

Saleem Ahmed

Saleem Ahmed

Little Berlin

Founded in 2007, Little Berlin is an artist run exhibition space and curatorial collective located in Philadelphia, PA. Its members curate monthly exhibits on a rotating basis and organize pop up exhibitions, poetry readings, performances and various community outreach events in the annex space. Little Berlin is home to Philadelphia's largest zine library. As an artist collective, it is unique for its focus on curation as well as its emphasis on experimental and innovative programming - supporting its overall mission to promote artists and ideas beyond the members' individual art practices.

For this collaboration with The Front, members collectively curated a selection of work around a broader theme of Exchange. Divided into 6 sections, Architecture, Portraiture, Libraries, Tragedy/Comedy, Geography, and Surround, this exhibition looks to replicate the confluence of Critical rigor, DIY ethos, and community building of Philadelphia's art scene.

Joy Ude,  Lilly White Wash

Joy Ude, Lilly White Wash

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Participating artists:

Ashley Bevington

Ashley Bevington

Meg Turner
Sam Youkils
Lawrence Sumulong
Ashley Bevington
Saleem Ahmed
Rory Hamovit
Elizabeth Ahn
Gerardine Aldamar
Willie Gurner
Joy Ude
Lorna Williams
Doah Lee
Destiny Palmer
Jennifer Chan
Omid Tavakoli
Amy Yee
Logan Unsen
Rebekah Flake
and Various works from the Little Berlin Zine Library collection.

Amy Yee,  I Shot 7841 Pounds of Art, But Was Only Able to Carry 52 of it Back to the Wagon (Cyanotypes)

Amy Yee, I Shot 7841 Pounds of Art, But Was Only Able to Carry 52 of it Back to the Wagon (Cyanotypes)

Little Berlin is:

Eric Anthony Berdis
Terrill Warrenburg
Em Jensen
J. Alex Schechter
Alyssa Kreilick
Amalia Wiatr Lewis
Jeremy Sims
Cayla Lockwood
Kayte Terry
Will Owen
Henry Gepfer
Sarah Trad
Mary Henjes
Angela Heaps


NOMA Cart Event/The Front
May 30- June 30, 2018

From March 16th through August 26th New Orleans Museum of Art hosts Puerto Rican-American artist Carlos Rolón’s exhibition Outside/In, exploring the rich connections between New Orleans, Latin America, and the Caribbean through allusions to each region's natural and built environments. A central component of this exhibition is Rolón’s Nomadic Habitat (Hustleman), a mobile cart inspired by the street vendors of New Orleans and the Caribbean that speaks to themes of class, commerce, immigration and survival. The cart is activated by local artist collectives and community partner organizations on select days throughout the run of the exhibition.

The current incarnation of Nomadic Habitat (Hustleman)  is organized by members of The Front, whose activation You Want a Piece of Me  fills the cart with artworks that will be offered to museum visitors in exchange for their own personal effects and stories. Containing a raucous mixture of objects both sacred and profane, the project speaks to the role of desire, mysticism and sacrifice at the heart of artistic exchange. Ranging from exquisite crystalline sculptures filled with drops of the artist’s blood, to performances that invite museum visitors to engage directly with the artists themselves,You Want a Piece of Me presents a series of talismanic art objects that ask how much of the artist remains in the artworks we purchase and visually consume.

From May 30th through June 30th, on designated Wednesday afternoons and Friday evenings, artists from The Front will attend the cart for a series of intimate performances that range from mystical “whispering” tours of the exhibition, given behind a tropical-themed lady’s fan, to invitations to touch, talk with, or take away a little piece of the artists themselves. [Consult our social media for performance dates and times.]