2017 Exhibitions

Patrick Coll

Patrick Coll

March 11- April 2, 2017

Patrick Coll, The Cloud

Blotto in the Grotto, Valerie Veator

Thomas Friel, Feed me with your tears as long as your tears cry money

Carolyn Hopkins

Carolyn Hopkins

February 10- March 5, 2017

Front member group exhibition, I'm Your Cannibal, curated by Kevin Baer

When We Were Boys: Jason Childers, Kevin Brisco, John Isiah Walton

Juicy with Caitlin Goebel, Nicole Jean Hill, Carolyn Hopkins
Rebecca Krupke, Jenny LeBlanc, Sophie Neslund

Alex Podesta

Alex Podesta

January 14- February 5, 2017

Alex Podesta, A Handful of Recent Things

Rania Hassan, Paths

Collaborative work by A. Piro & S. Shebaro, All are Welcome

Leah Floyd, Blue is the Longing