November 11- December 2, 2012

November 11- December 2, 2012

Room 1:

Uncommon Landscapes

Uncommon Landscapes brings together the photographic work of Shane Darwent (Brooklyn, NY), Jill Frank (Atlanta, GA), Amy Johnson (Chattanooga, TN), Pradip Malde (Sewanee, TN), and Rachel Malde (Sewanee, TN). Each photographer has produced distinctly unique interpretations of photographingthe landscape, utilizing the subject matter to reveal different facets of the human / land relationship.

Amy Johnson,  Kissing Couple , Silver Gelatin Print, Paris, 2010

Amy Johnson, Kissing Couple, Silver Gelatin Print, Paris, 2010

Shane Darwent,  Outside Walsenberg, CO , Pigment print on cotton rag paper, 2009

Shane Darwent, Outside Walsenberg, CO, Pigment print on cotton rag paper, 2009

Room 2:

Andrea Ferguson
Objects of Affection

Andrea Ferguson is an artist living and working in New Orleans.

Room 3 & 4:

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

'breaking up is hard to do' is a narrative of mixed messages, competing interests, and misinterpretations. With today's greater access to the labyrinth of language, misunderstanding is amplified by the saturation of hasty text, misleading translation tools, and transitory imagery. Brad Benischek and Case Miller have been collaborators since 2006. Starting with poster projects, they have gone on to create a series of large scale narrative installations, the last of which showed in 2011 in The Hague, Netherlands. Created in collaboration with artists Margaret Turner, Ian Vanek, and Guy Pierce.