May 12- June 3, 2012

May 12- June 3, 2012

Opening night performance by transdimensional vibration monger, Transmuteo at 8:30 pm. 

Room 1:

Ariya Martin

Ariya Martin is excited to be showing a collection from her newest body of work.  The photographs on display are from a series of images that began over a year ago in Queens, NY at her grandfather's house shortly before his death at the age of ninety two. 

To see more of her work and full cv please visit: 






Room 2:

Philiipe Landry and Rachel Avena Brown
I and I and I 

Philippe Landry is a composer and sound and visual artist. He composes for modern dance, as well as creating soundscapes for installations and collaborating on visual installations. His visual work deals with nature as a language, dialoging on the industrious nature of pastoral environments as non-man-made spaces. 

Rachel Avena Brown is a multi-media artist and Front member.  She often creates installations using video and newer media alongside traditional fiber processes, in order to create an environment that is both nostalgic and contemporary.  In researching video, she has found that interlaced lines can be analogous to knitted yarn.  She is interested in visual forms of communication used by the masses throughout history, how the techniques have changed, how they have remained the same, and how they are archives of voices.  This new installation is a representation of a dialogue between two strangers, who make things.  The two artists began to communicate through the sharing of room two, at The Front.  This will be Mrs. Brown’s last exhibition as a Front member, and she is attempting to connect with the community in a way that she has not before.  Foot traffic will be directed in order to separate the individuals for a moment before coming in close contact with not only the visual works of art, but the eyes of a stranger. 

Room 3:

Art Club
We'll Meet You There 

Art Club is a triumvirate of female artists from Columbus, Ohio who have been working as a collective since 2009. An Art Club production might be a patriotic picnic, a game of spin the bottle, a roller rink birthday party, or a walk through a haunted forest, with three distinct visions tethered into a conceptual whole. Join Art Club for a night in their traveling caravan.   

On the evening of May the Twelfth, Art Club may ask you to give something of yourself for a sweet peek into your destiny. Are you prepared to trade secrets and flesh in a tarot parlor? Will you reveal your deepest desires in return for a mail-order fortune? Will you let yourself be coddled and cared for by your hidden mother? Flirt with decay and plead with preservation as you venture across the threshold into a realm of transition, possibility, and darkness, into a world in which American Magic makes all things possible.  This is a tale of travel, magic, intimacy, and possibility. We’ll meet you there. 

Room 4:

Dave Greber and Katie Gelfand, Curators
Scapes n' Similes 

A new gamechanging collaborative multimedia dream communication. 

Opening night performance by transdimensional vibration monger, Transmuteo at 8:30 pm. 


Sculpture by Gregory Price