July 9- August 7, 2011

July 9- August 7, 2011

Opening Reception: July 9th, 6-10 PM

Rooms 1 & 2 and the Backyard:

Brandon Ballengee, Andrew Pasco, Andy Sternad, John Kleinschmidt

Featured artists Brandon Ballengée, Andrew Pasco, John Kleinschmidt, and Andy Sternad share their works in sculpture, installation, photography, video, sound, performance, biology and architecture in an array of works and happenings this month.   Through their work, these artists share a connection to environments both natural and constructed, and communities either human or otherwise, but are distinct from each other in their interpretations and approach.   Performances will take place during the opening reception, and field trip(s) inviting audience participation may occur prior to the opening, so stay tuned!

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Room 3:

Clark Derbes,  Hollow Box w/Concentric Rectangles , carved and polychromed maple wood, 23” x 13” x 13”

Clark Derbes, Hollow Box w/Concentric Rectangles, carved and polychromed maple wood, 23” x 13” x 13”

Clark Derbes
Recent Projects and Works

Presenting a series of paintings and sculptures. A large and sumptuous wall drawing “of an abstract painting”, executed in ink and brush, gazes upon several smaller works. The paintings, executed in encaustic or gouache on panel depict similar sculptures and paintings. The relief sculptures beautifully mock the paintings for their two-dimensionality.

Clark Derbes (born 1978, Metarie, Louisiana, USA)
Mississippi River School Painter
Founded PublicArtSchool in 2010

Room 4:

Kelly Boehmer and Chuck Carbia
*Cryin’ Time*

*Cryin’ Time *is an exhibition of mixed media collages, video and large-scale soft sculptures. The artist couple explore the connections between couples, collaborators and country duets, showing the beauty and pain that result from their struggles in these relationships.