December 8, 2012- January 6, 2013

December 8, 2012- January 6, 2013

Room 1:

Carl Joe Williams

Every exhibition is a growth experience, but some more than others. When Dave Greber invited me to exhibit at The Front, I was excited to do it, however the challenge came when he visited my studio to choose work. He was drawn to many works that were in progress or pieces that were kind of discarded and lying around the studio. Then, I remember what I loved about this gallery… its emphasis on playful experimentation. Developing this show allowed me to play and tap into my creative intuitive side, which has always been my goal anyway. I tend to think like a visual musician, and this exhibition documents my process and how all of the fractured elements of my work play their part in my practice. 

Room 2:

Kyle Hossli
The Recreations

The Recreations is a group of sculptures and prints that explore the idea of lust by emphasizing form and the mashup of seemingly disparate parts. 

Room 3:

Rajko Radovanovic
Angry American Artist (a study towards greater anger)

This exhibition features new work by Rajko Radovanovic from his ongoing series, Angry American Artist.

Rajko Radovanovic was born 1954 in Yugoslavia. He studied at the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb where, in the late 1970’s he began using experimental media - photography, text and performance. These emerging art forms were rejected by the one party state, and were effectively banned from cultural life. He joined a small group of conceptual artists who were publicly challenging a national arts scene whose organization was ideologically supervised by institutions of political power. Together, this group founded ‘Podrum’ - one of the first independent artists’ gallery behind the Iron Curtain. During the disintegration of Yugoslavia, Radovanovic was living in the UK where he gained a B.A. in Fine Art from Brighton University.

His work has been included in well over 150 exhibitions including shows in the UK, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Italy, Poland and the USA. The work itself ranges across media including video, performance, installation, photography, painting, sculpture & artist’s publications.

Room 4:

Mike Drake
Billions and Billions