August 11- September 2, 2012

August 11- September 2, 2012

Room 1: 

Brooke Pickett
Storage Facilities

Currently living and working in New Orleans, Brooke Pickett earned a M.F.A. in Painting from the University of Albany, State University of New York in 2005 and a B.A. in both Painting and Literature from the Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge in 2002. She was an artist in residence at Hotel Pupik, Schrattenberg, Austria in 2009 and at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts in 2007. From 2008-2010, Pickett was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Painting at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont. She has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions, most recently at The University of Alabama and the Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans. She is also the founder and director of Central City Artist Project, a non-profit residency program in New Orleans that creates opportunities for artists to produce work informed by the community and its residents.  

Room 2:   

Ingrid Ludt 

I listened to Coltrane. And approached the work like a jazz improviser who might choose a specific form or pattern and build it into a musical idea. Instead of notes I used imagery from the backwoods of my childhood; climbing vines, trailing roots and rocks from a familiar stream. The arrangement of space became very important to me. I wanted to include a certain amount of emptiness to allow the work to resonate with a deliberate presence. Like Coltrane hitting a high note. 

Ingrid Ludt was born and raised in the Fingerlakes region of New York. She received her B.F.A/Honors in Design from Rochester Institute of Technology and her M.F.A. in Painting from University at Albany, S.U.N.Y. Following graduate school she was an Associate Curator at The Fields Sculpture Park at Omi International Arts Center and taught Intermediate and Advanced Drawing at S.U.N.Y Albany. Ludt has been the recipient of several awards from New York Foundation for the Arts. She has been an Associate Fellow at Atlantic Center for the Arts and Resident Artist at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony. In 2008 Ludt was a Visiting Artist and Guest Lecturer at Middlebury College. Her work has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the Northeast. She currently lives in Upstate New York.   

Room 3:     

Jennifer Moynihan
New Works

In this new body of work, Jennifer Moynihan confronts everyday materials such as plastic, erasers and duct tape by deconstructing them in hopes of unveiling some unknown quality beneath that which is familiar and mundane.  Her investigations of these manmade objects speak to an intimacy with her materials and a curiosity which appreciates the rewards of taking a deeper look. 

Jennifer Moynihan relocated to New Orleans in 2011 from her native New York City.  This will be the first exhibition of her work in Louisiana.   

Room 4:

Lee Deigaard
a tree falls... 

New photographs, videos, and drawingsA thing disregarded. An unknown event.  Examine minutely. Take the long view. Recollect a longing, a precognition.  Relics survive the eye of the storm, the passage of time. Forensics rejects hindsight, considers the thing imagined.  The world turns. The earth stood still. A deer supine in leaves, perfect in body, without mark or wound.  Songbirds drop from the sky. The things they have seen and never told.   Rise above. Things vanish. Washed away by the rain. Taken by the tornado.  Grown small in the distance.  New green growth among broken limbs and shattered trees. The hole in the sky has brought the sun. Soon, this will become the way it was. 

Lee Deigaard is a member of The Front. Her work is also on view this month at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in the group shows "Louisiana Contemporary" and "New Southern Photography" (Aug 4- Sept 23).