2nd Annual Film Festival

2nd Annual Film Festival

Saturday, June 18th, 2016, 7:30pm

Theme: Digital Network

David Hassell, Rendering

We live in a contemporary sphere where many people are connected through social networks, and a person’s identity can be traced through their virtual trail of web-surfing breadcrumbs. These films express the aesthetics of social media webs, the entanglement of internet content, and the non-linear properties of hypermedia.

We will announce the best in show selection on the night of the screening. The winner will receive a $200 prize.



Alex Anikini,  Ostrannenie

Alex Anikini, Ostrannenie

Featuring work by:

Alex Anikina
Shimul Chowdhury
Dylan Cruz Azaceta
Nance Davies
Clint Enns
David Hassell
Heejin Jang
Justin Lincoln
Mores McWreath
Eden Mitsenmacher
Heather Murphy
Billy Sims
Eric Souther


Kevin Baer
Vanessa Centeno
Cristina Molina
Ryn Wilson

Mores McWreath (Best in Show), Sharing Lazy Gains

Warning: Some films contain nudity.