2018 Exhibitions

 Thomas Friel

Thomas Friel

May 12- June 3, 2018

Ashley Anderson, The 101 Views of Mt. Fuji: An Art- Historical Excavation of Early Gaming

Jared Ragland, Everything is Going to Be All Right

Thomas Friel with Scramble Neck Jones Christmastime, Ohmman Sukurity and B4closure $ales

Ann Schwab, Trace

 Brian St Cyr

Brian St Cyr

April 14- May 6, 2018

Patch Somerville, Hack

Vanessa R. Centeno, Embrace

Kelly A. Mueller & Brad Richard, Microaggressions | Larval Songs: Parallel Play

Brian St Cyr, Mississippi Mud

 Peter Hoffman,  Velvet Carpet , Oil on canvas, 28x22”, 2018

Peter Hoffman, Velvet Carpet, Oil on canvas, 28x22”, 2018

March 10- April 8, 2018

Peter Hoffman, People with Problems

Ritual Perception featuring short films from Orly Anan, Jen Clay, Martha Fleming-Ives, Jenn Gooch, Victoria Lucas, and Lydia Moyer

Jonathan Traviesa, Salt on Silver

Jacek J. Kolasinski
Floating Island

And in the backyard:  Vanessa Centeno, Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Cristina Molina, and Ryn Wilson
Visionary Bring(H)ers / Future Tell(H)ers


February 10- March 4, 2018

Honey Trap

A group show featuring all current members of The Front, including our latest recruits: David Bordett, Nurhan Gokturk, Ruth Owens, and Tom Friel.  

Kevin Baer, David Bordett, Vanessa Centeno,Patrick Coll , Lee Deigaard, Tom Friel, Nurhan Gokturk, Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Cristina Molina, Kelly Mueller, Ruth Owens, Alex Podesta, Claire Rau, Cynthia Scott, Jamie Solock, Patch Somerville , Jonathan Traviesa, Madeleine Wieand, Ryn Wilson

Curated by Kevin Baer and Robyn LeRoy-Evans.

 Dave Greber (with collaborator Sophia Belkin)

Dave Greber (with collaborator Sophia Belkin)

january 13- February 4, 2018

Reflex Arc, curated by Cristina Molina and Cynthia Scott featuring Front alumni: 

Angela Berry (with collaborator Shaun O’Dell), Kyle Bravo, Rachel Avena Brown, Rachel Jones Deris, Dave Greber (with collaborator Sophia Belkin), Jenny LeBlanc, Stephanie Patton, Brooke Pickett, Jessie Vogel, John Isiah Walton