2011 Exhibitions

Stephanie Patton

Stephanie Patton

June 11- July 3, 2011

Love, The Front

Celebration of love featuring current and alumni members: 

Kyle Bravo, Lee Deigaard, Rachel DeTrinis, Andrea Ferguson, Dave Greber, Rachel Jones, Morgana King, Jenny LeBlanc, Jennifer Odem, Stephanie Patton, Brooke Pickett, Julie Pieri, Alex Podesta, Claire Rau, Jeff Rinehart, Megan Roniger, Ann Schwab, Natalie Sciortino, Jonathan Traviesa, Ryan Watkins-Hughes

Andrew Suggs & Leah Bailis

Andrew Suggs & Leah Bailis

May 14- June 5, 2011

Taney Roniger, Cellular Automata

Claire Rau, Man up

Leah Bailis & Andrew Suggs, Fire

Cameron Michel and Vashti Windish

Cameron Michel and Vashti Windish

April 9- May 8, 2011

Andrea Ferguson, Human Nature

Cameron Michel and Vashti Windish, Articles of the Lysithean Order

Jonathan Traviesa, New Photographs

Dave Greber

Dave Greber

March 12- April 3, 2011

Lee Deigaard, In Your Dreams (Horses)

Alex Podesta & Tippy Tippens, Victory: a Multi-Part Paean to the Just and Right Hegemony of All Good Creatures Over the Wicked Unicorn Menace.

Dave Greber, Open Arms

Jason Leinwand

Jason Leinwand

February 12- March 6, 2011

Mine Eyes with Rachel DeTrinis, Lindsay Kane, Jason Leinwand

Josephine Durkin, Suspended Here and Hovering There

Everyday Abstract, curated by Morgana King, featuring work by Brooke Pickett & Suzanne Bennett



January 8- February 6, 2011

Merrilee Challiss, Victoria Hogan, Carolyn Sherer, Doug Baulos, Pinky Bass, Bonard Hughins, Byron Sonnier, Clayton Colvin, John Fields, Pat Snow, John Lytle Wilson, Kristin Smith Skees, Tracie Noles Ross and Wendi Flowers Goodwin, John Powers, Aaron Lockhart

Bare Hands, curated by John Fields