July 11- August 2, 2015

July 11- August 2, 2015

Opening reception: Saturday July 11, 6-10pm

Christian Castañeda, abismo / abyss
, drawing and installation, 2015.


Christian Castañeda
Benjamin Sagols
Jorge Rosano Gamboa
Roberto Flores
Mariana Magdaleno


Everything takes it own course; there is only one path. Destiny is the supernatural, unavoidable force that guides everything to an undisclosed end.  Feral is a collective that explores drawing within all of its possibilities. New Orleans is the first stop in a reflection about correspondence in being, affected by inhabiting a place and vice versa. With this in mind, the collective intends to create a series of pieces and installations based on the act of drawing as the action that channels its first mark on The Front.




Jorge Rosano Gamboa
(1984, Mexico City, Mexico)

His body of work is based on the ideas of memory and death, the natural forces and the occult in the mind. With drawing and photography as ways of reflection and meditation to self-knowing.
  Graduated from ENPEG “La Esmeralda class 2007/2011, he specialized on photo in Centro de la Imagen (Seminar on Contemporary Photography and Moving Image, 2005) and Photo and Digital Image Course with Mark Powell (2004) and Fernando Medellin (2005), amongst many other workshops and classes.Being a part of collective and single photo and illustration exhibitions in México, Latinamerica and London, most recently in MUCA Roma (Mexico City) on August 2013, and has been selected for the XVI Mexico Photography Biennal (2014).  At present day, he is a member of the drawing Project “Feral” and directs the space for emerging art projects “Breve”, in México City.

Roberto Flores “La Rata Rey” (1982, Mexico)

He is a grafic artist and illustrator that lives and works in Mexico City, with a passion for drawing, the aesthetics of the grotesque, trash pop culture, garage rock, B movies, vinyl album covers and chilaquiles.
  Graduated from ENEP Acatlán, and with further studies in drawing, illustration, and textile. He has been a part of many collective exhibitions in Mexico, as well as a solo shows in Mexico and Berlin, as well as being invited as a foreign artist at independent graphic festivals in countries like Serbia, Croatia, and the UK, displaying his work as well as collaborating with other artists.  Founding member of “Feral” Art Project located in Mexico City.  For him, drawing is the only future.

Christian Castañeda (México, D.F. 1982)

Graduated from ENPEG “La Esmeralda” class 2003-2008, and Centro de las Artes Visuales in the Seminar on Contemporary Photography and Moving Image, 2007.  Covering the fields of illustration, installation and photography, She combines her artistic production with tattooing. Through photograph she’s has professionally worked for magazines in Brazil, China, London, U.S.A and Mexico.
  In 2011 and 2012, she received the Fundación/Colección Jumex and Fonca-Conacyt scholarships, allowing her to participate in 2 artistic residences in Iceland.  Showing her work on more than 30 art shows in Mexico and abroad, as well as art festivals and art fairs in N.Y, Tijuana, D.F, Canada, Copenhagen and Los Angeles. Her work is part of private collections in N.Y, Los Angeles, Boston and D.F, as well as the Länskultur Gävleborg (Bollnäs, Switserland) public collection.  She is also one of the founding members of Feral (Artistic Studio, focused on illustration) and worked on the cover art for several bands. Since 2011 she’s been a part of Neter Collective (www.neter.com.mx) and is currently the holder of the “Fomento a Proyectos y Coinversiones” scholarship granted by Fonca.

Through her research in the fields of magic, the occult, fear, death, loneliness, abandonment, fragility and alternate realities, Christian moves around the boundaries between other and possible worlds, with the use of illustration as a tool of alchemy, focusing on myth, abstraction and the sacred-simbolic reality.



Benjamin Sagols García (1984, Mexico)

His work revolves around the concepts of reality and perception,  how it is distorted and how it is stored, juxtaposing the darker aspects of existence with the irony and banality of everyday life, and the eternally overrated idea of the future.
  Exploring the “greater concepts” of life through the eye of the mundane, the everyday and how it juxtaposes with fantasy and high ideals.  Artistically self thought and graduated from Sociology in UNAM (2004-2008), he professionally developed for many years on the grounds of journalism and advertising as a Creative Director. He is one of the founding members of Feral, a space dedicated to the expansion and development of illustration located in México City.

Mariana Magadaleno