May 9- June 7, 2015

May 9-June 7, 2015
Opening reception: Saturday May 9th, 6-10pm

Special Opening Night Performances by Emily Promise Allison of Baucis and Philomen from 6-8pm


Video Installation by Jane Cassidy + Jonthan Traviesa, EXIT TO THE SHALLOWS from 8-10pm
from the Wetlands Art Tour

Room 1:

Morgana King and Xenia Sophia Roma
Come What May

Spring show by Morgana King and Xenia Sophia Roma. Whatever will be will be!

Room 2:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Claire Kohne

Untitled (Desire Tiles)

Untitled (Desire Tiles), is a ceramic floor installation created by New Orleans and Los Angeles based artist, Claire Kohne. Kohne is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work includes installation, collaborative performance, writing, and dish ware. After receiving her BA from UCLA in 2011, Kohne moved to New Orleans in 2013. Her work has been exhibited in New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Berlin.

Claire Kohne, Untitled (Desire Tiles), Ceramic tiles and grout, 2015.

Rooms 3 & 4:

Zachary Herrmann, Clive Moloney, Jennifer Odem, Marc-Anthony Polizzi, Nicholas Sullivan, Jessie Vogel


Flatland is an exhibition of artists who are often identified as sculptors but in much of their work have a strong connection to something seemingly opposite, flatness. The selected pieces were chosen based on the artist layering of various materials and mediums that invoke flatness in color, line, and concept. Flatland, highlights five artists that investigate the merging of two dimensional and three dimensional space.

Zachary Herrmann,
Untitled, acrylic, 2013.

Clive Moloney, Body,
latex, air, polycarbonate tube and LED lights, 2015

Jennifer Odem, Untitled, watercolor, pencil and collage on paper, 23 x 15 in., 2015.

Marc-Anthony Polizzi, Untitled, 2014.

Nicholas Sullivan,
DataPak2, wood, aniline dye, marker, acrylic, plexiglas, urethane plastic, 2014.