April 13- May 5, 2013

April 13- May 5, 2013All rooms curated this month by Stephanie Patton.Room 1:
Anne Boudreau, Points and Sisters (details)Anne Boudreau
7 sisters From seed pods to constellations, natural systems are amazing because they are both simple and complex.  Their physical structures and cooperative functions provide endless inspiration. The forms I make are patterned, modeled and constructed with wire, twine, fabric and paint. They are both stable and fragile much like all things living.  Within the installation, the suspended forms are ungrounded, at times kinetic, and give the viewer an opportunity to be a part of the environment.I am a native of New Orleans and have been an art maker for over twenty years. I am also an arts educator and currently reside in Lafayette, Louisiana. www.anneboudreau.com
Anne Boudreau, Sisters (detail)