June 9- July 8, 2012

June 9- July 8
Room 1: Jan Gilbert
30 Years / 30 Blocks: a retrospective installation of place and public artworksNative New Orleanian artist Jan Gilbert installs a new collection of photographs that formally and conceptually partner her 30-year body of public art projects with architectural elements of The Front. The new photographs, featuring the interior and exterior of the gallery at St. Claude Avenue and Mazant Street, are presented alongside archival documentation of Gilbert’s public art portfolio. 30 Years / 30 Blocks transforms Room 1 into a scrapbook-like album that simultaneously chronicles three decades of public art, amalgamates these works with the current physical presence of The Front, and introduces an upcoming plan for a new series of public pieces to appear on the streets of New Orleans in 2014.

Says Gilbert, “I have reveled in the invitation to present these works at The Front in the St. Claude Arts District. The architectural nuances that expose layers of life and function of this building have become a parallel narrative underscoring certain contextual attributes of the thirty works. The Front collective’s mode of operating and the surfaces of its physical space connect deeply with the sites I often select, coming full circle to a space that bears the egalitarian function that resonates within my work.”

The nationally recognized interdisciplinary artwork of Jan Gilbert mines memory, loss, and transition through the combination of painting, printmaking, photography, and installation. Her works run the gamut from idiosyncratic, personal meanderings to commissioned, large-scale installations and international public art exchanges.To see more of Gilbert’s work please visit: www.jangilbertart.com