August 13- September 4, 2011

August 13- September 4
Room 1: Jeff Pastorek
Since 2003, Jeff Pastorek has worked with gouache and ink on chipboard and, more recently, on BFK paper. His work focuses on the banal, confusing, and delightful experiences of human existence. Most recently he has changed his focus from humorous vignettes revealing intimate, fleeting moments to orderly grids of portraiture depicting heads of humans and animals. The portraits retain the humor and intentional awkwardness of the earlier chipboard work, but restrict the format to a rigid—almost scientific—format in order to shift focus on the faces and their relationship to one another. The resulting pieces contemplate how humans express their emotions or desires, evolutionary intrigue, the place of humans in the animal world, and the idea of place more generally.  More information can be found at his website: