June 11- July 3, 2011

June 11- July 3
Love, The FrontOld and new, borrowed and blue, in a group show uniting past, current, and new members, The Front puts Love to the test. Do you love us? We love you!
The Front collective shows the love for each other and beyond this June. This lovefest will represent both the debut of our newest members, as well as our very first group reunion show, including works by every past and present member. The Front presents our take on the various meanings and implications of LOVE, including amalgamations of romantic photographs, relics of the best friend era, how sawhorses care for one another, and animals hugging without limbs.Featuring works by:

Kyle Bravo, Lee Deigaard, Rachel DeTrinis, Andrea Ferguson, Dave Greber, Rachel Jones, Morgana King, Jenny LeBlanc, Jennifer Odem, Stephanie Patton, Brooke Pickett, Julie Pieri, Alex Podesta, Claire Rau, Jeff Rinehart, Megan Roniger, Ann Schwab, Natalie Sciortino, Jonathan Traviesa, Ryan Watkins-Hughes