March 12- April 3, 2011

March 12- April 3
Opal Eye (Lee Deigaard, 2011) still from video animation
Rooms 1 & 2: Lee Deigaard
In Your Dreams (Horses)New works by Lee Deigaard consider the horse as significant Other. Featuring nocturnal portraits and video animations, In Your Dreams (Horses) explores proprioceptive awareness, relational mysteries, and the chimerical power of memory and yearning.Horses validate your most exquisite perceptions.  They read your thoughts even as you form the words. In the pasture at night, darkness is a permeable membrane; your senses heighten. You encounter each other in the dark, partly real, partly figment.
As a child, I collected plastic horses and pored over manuals of horse care.  Absent a real horse, I was ready, if called, to muck out the Augean Stables. Hercules did a rush job, took shortcuts.  I would have done it right, as ministration in service to a yearning.   A dream of a horse, not all night mares are bad dreams.

Steady Star (Lee Deigaard, 2011)