August 8 - September 6, 2009

September 12 - October 4

Room 1

Ariya Martin, Susana Reisman, and Leyla Safavi
Curated by Ariya Martin

"Maybe when I come back we can have a real un-electronic gathering..."

This exhibition initiates an ongoing exploration that began as a conversation among three friends and fellow artists, addressing communication, distance, and art making as a social practice for interaction. Engaging in a dialogue concerning how much of our everyday existence we are willing to share as well as how media and technology play a role has lead to the work on view.

Room 2
Amanda Cassingham & Gary Oaks

Amanda Cassingham: "Can it be eggs?"

After being present for the production of the New Orleans Biennial, I became more interested in the social dynamics of installing an art show than the art itself being installed. For my participation in a recent show, rather than create a product for which a wall would be constructed- the engagement in the creation process became the product. Throughout the weeklong installation of the show, while artists and staff built walls and hung artwork, I cooked for everyone working in the building on a mobile kitchen temporarily constructed from borrowed materials that could be found around the university facility. This action brought attention to the social framework that the show existed within, and to the interactions between individuals that made the show possible and relevant.

Gary Oaks

This group of sculpture was directly influenced by the writings of Willigis Jaeger and the following art historical references: Mesolithic cave paintings, Sumerian votive figures, Greek acroliths, Etruscan bronzes, Romanesque and Gothic jamb figures, and various contemporary artists.

Gary Oaks was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, around the middle of the previous century. He moved to New Orleans in 1982, earned an MFA from LSU, and has been a member of the fine arts faculty at Southern University since 1992. He lives with his wife, Mary Jane Parker, and seven cats.

Room 3
Julie Anne Pieri

One of the many members from The Front, Julie Anne Pieri embarks on bringing in "good love vibrations" through a new series of ink drawings and lots of hearts in various forms! Relationships, public and private interactions between couples and a search for ultimate communication has been a longtime obsession for Pieri. Be sure to attend opening night to receive "Tell-It-Like-It-Is" relationship advice by a surprise love counselor!

The Cool Kids, Baltimore, 2008, C-print
Room 4
Josh Sisk: Last Call
Rock Clubs, Punk Shows, and Other Debris

Louisiana native Josh Sisk has been photographing musicians, music fans, and concerts since the late 90's. Currently living and working in Baltimore Maryland, Sisk's photographs have been featured in diverse publications such as Rolling Stone, Spin, XLR8R, Decibel, the Washington Post, the Independent, the Guardian, and the Oxon Hill High School Yearbook.

Each color photographic print in LAST CALL relates to music and the imagery that surrounds it. All photos in the show were captured between 2007 and 2009 on various band tours, at shows, on stage, backstage, in clubs, in lofts, in basements, and on roofs. Sisk's work begins at these locales and anywhere else music may happen. Please see for more information.