May 9 - June 6, 2009

May 9 - June 6, 2009

New Orleans based artist Andrea Ferguson will unveil new work in the back yard of The Front. Beached Whales! is a large-scale inflatable installation inspired by the macabre and fantastically mysterious practice of whales beaching themselves.

*This work will be on view during the opening reception only.

Room 1
Mike Smith: Digigraphs!

Utilizing the early DaDaist use of montage, I want to explore the possibilities of photography in the digital era on determining what is considered to be representational, document-like, or narrative in content. Contradictions in context, and color, are employed to create images that can be both fantastic and absurd, disturbing and beautiful.

Caution: Objects in the frame may be more rendered than materially perceived. Please proceed with reckless abandon toward the exit in a conceptual manner. Discordant side effects not solely attributed to reproduction may include: hallucinatory spectacles, retinal dismemberment of the “Natural World”, contextual time/space fluctuations, still frame mobilization, and residual commonplace anomalies.
Room 2
Andy Holtin & Galo Moncayo: Worlds ApartAndy Holtin and Galo Moncayo, working together as CausalityLabs, create works that explore the nature of the world through a kind of mechanical theater with humor and mimicry. Their collective works dig into materials and events to get at our notions of meaning, sequence, and cause and effect.

Andy is Assistant Professor and area head of Sculpture at American University in Washington, DC. Galo is currently a member of the Studio Hadid master class at the Universität für Angewandt Kunst in Vienna, Austria.
Room 3
Neil Bender: The Lilt

Boucher once said, "I detest the natural world because it is too green and poorly lit". Work is the only unadulterated place to physically consider the complexity of pleasure. I love 'historical' art because it is alive and weirder than any of us. To roughly quote Albertti, "The gesture reinforces a sense of moral obligation". I know what my sexuality is, but I have no clue what my gender is. Why isn't Andrea Fraser on the Tyra Banks Show when there's a UCSD student auctioning off her virginity for millions to wealthy hedgefunders to pay off her student loans? After the fall of Communism, there was a lot of pornography in Kazakhstan....according to Borat.

Neil is an Assistant Professor of painting at the University of South Florida, Tampa Bay.

Room 4
Jeff Sapsford: Sausage Weaponized for The Infowar

Could it all be just one big cover-up after another? Chemtrails in the sky, False Flag Operations, and forced Vaccinations? Over the past five years Jeff Sapsford has researched conspiracy dialoguein cyberspace and brought it to the Gallery with neutral bias. Of particular interest is the platform
in which the information is delivered to the viewer. By referencing kitschy tourist souvenirs and the current state of our Union, he explores fears of a New World Order ruled by a Global Elite.

Saturday, May 16, 7pm

Artist Paul Chan will be at The Front to discuss his work and his role as both artist and activist. Known in New Orleans for his re-staging of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot in the Lower 9th Ward and Gentilly, Chan will look back on the Godot project as well as discussing current and future projects.