April 11- May 2, 2009

April 11- May 2, 2009
Room 1
Morgana King: Suck it

The idea for this three-dimensional wall installation was originally inspired by summer in New Orleans – when residents turn to lounging around bars suckling from alcoholic teats – and my repetitive doodling of triangular/cone shaped designs; like vortexes of sirens swirling in the heat. But with the coming of spring, the forms now take on a new expectancy – nurturing newborn colors, buds blooming with succulence…Sit back relax, and I entreat you to either, lay upon a cloud of titties or suck it.
Room 2
Holger Lang: Toast & Champagne   when we create and then enter spaces to celebrate and worship
   we sometimes forget that our spiritual procession is allowing us
   to explore a hidden garden, surrounded by a wall of skin
   we boldly enter flesh and blood and chase the lions and dragons
   the demons and gods, to control the world within
   once we lost our fear we will be able to ride the beasts
   and to dance with the shapeshifting devils
Holger Lang is an artist and filmmaker from Austria. He is working in interdisciplinary fields and enjoys the idea of cross-country investigations. The twilight between abstract and narrative structures and between found and performed actions is frequently contained in his work.


Room 3
Laura Zuspan: Exoastroalienology

Exoastroalienology is an exhibition of new watercolor and ink paintings by Laura Zuspan, a New York City based interdisciplinary artist. These paintings explore the symbolism of extraterrestrials and the urban myth's that surround them.

Many of Laura Zuspan's works involve the psychological realms of fantasy with a humorous touch of playfulness. In this exhibition, Zuspan illustrates her awe of the unknown in depictions of alien activity and their imagined "earthly" intervention's, be they friendly or disturbing. Through this work, Zuspan gestures at the importance of universal/global collective intelligence.


Room 4
Julie Pieri: Delicious Hungry? Craving luscious fruits or vegetables? Having trouble finding the perfect recipe that calls for shortening or canned goods? Julie Anne Pieri's latest series, "Delicious", blends recipes from Betty Crocker 1971 Recipe Card Collection with glamorous earthly, natural delights!PIeri is a Front collective member from New Orleans and a children's art educator. Her work entertains mediums such as collage, quilting, drawing, costume and performance videos. Depending on her mood and intuition, she explores common hidden obsessions, personal strife and consumer fetishism.